Reception: 2021 - 2022

Beech5.jpgMoore3.jpgMr Beech and Mrs Moore

TAs: Mrs Hallard, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Morrison & Miss Whitfield.

We really are enjoying being with our classes so far in Reception. Keep checking Seesaw for homework and messages for parents, and do remember that it is always there if you have to work from home!


We focus on each child's needs, interests and stage of development to guide how and when we deliver the EYFS curriculum. we aim to develop each child as an independent thinker, leader, organiser, communicator, explorer, creator, inventor, performer and artist.

We use a range of topic work, child-led learning, partnership with parents and guided activities, to promote depth and breadth in learning and development.

Parent partnerships
We are available at the class door every morning and at home-time to speak with parents. Parents should make an appointment via the school office for a more in-depth discussion. 

We communicate regularly with parents using Seesaw. We share experiences from home with the rest of the class. Children show delight as their photographs and videos are shared during carpet time and it provides wonderful opportunity for Communication and Language and Personal, Social and Emotional development. 

We set home learning using Seesaw app. The menu of half-termly home-learning can be done by a child with their parent in any order. 

Things to remember:

• Return the quality text to school.

Thursday PE
• Children can come to school in their PE kit.

Quality text is sent home for the weekend.

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