Subject Leads: Mrs Tither & Miss Greenall (Infant School) and Ms Duffy (Junior School)


"Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.” Shakuntala Devi


The skills of a great mathematics learner:

  • Curiosity to make mathematical statements and investigate them 
  • The ability to reason about mathematics 
  • Have a good understanding of all the different concrete materials and 'choose to use' them to help with independent work
  • A good understanding of the correct mathematical vocabulary correctly and the ability to use it effectively to explain ideas, thinking and solutions
  • Resilience to be able to see the challenge of overcoming mistakes as important and exciting steps to learning and discovery
  • Perseverance in finding an answer by trying different strategies until the correct answer is found
  • Fluency in number bonds and times tables 
  • The ability to make links and apply basic maths skills to all areas of the curriculum and beyond


Vision.jpgOur intent for mathematics:

At St. Mary's, we aim to foster an engaging and accessible for all curriculum that ensures all children have access to a rich, deep, varied and enjoyable mathematical experience. 

We believe that a high quality mathematics education is essential.  Our maths curriculum aims to develop children's ability to calculate, reason, problem solve and have a good understanding of the basic fundamentals in every year group. 


Strands.jpgThe strands of the Mathematics curriculum.

Depending on key stage and year group, some areas of the maths curriculum will not apply. For example, ratio & proportion is only taught in Year 6. 

  • Number - this strand covers: place value, addition & subtraction, multiplication & division, fractions, ratio & proportion, algebra
  • Measurement this strand covers all aspects of measurement: weight, capactity, length, temperature and time. 
  • Geometry - this strand covers the properties of shapes (both 2D and 3D) and position & direction.
  • Statistics - this strand covers the collection and interpretation of data.


Our mathematics curriculum: 

At St. Mary's we follow the EYFS (2021) Framework and Development Matters (2021) for the teaching and assessment of maths.  have adopted the White Rose Maths schemes of learning for KS1 and KS2, to ensure the mastery curriculum and progression of skills. Our maths curriculum follows the 'concrete, pictoral, abstract' approach in order to provide another dimension of challenge to our learners.


In the Infant School, we work with our local Maths Hub to develop our practise and ensure that our maths curriculum is as aspirational and supportive as possible for all of our learners. Part of our work with the maths hub has led to us taking part in the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching Mathemtics (NCETM) 'Mastering Number' initiative.

As part of our COVID 19 recovery, we have used the DfE 'Ready to Progress' criteria to ensure that any gaps caused by school closures are filled and children are ready to start new learning.

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