Subject Leads: Miss Hesketh (Infant School) and Mrs Lancashire (Junior School)


' I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music.'  Billy Joel


The skills of a great music student:

Listening - a key skill in music to allow pupils to respond to the music they hear and perform alongside fellow musicians.

Perseverance - learning an instrument can be frustrating. It takes real resilience to stick at the practice, even though you know it will be difficult

Problem solving - music doesn't always have one, clear-cut answer. There are plenty of opportunities to find creative and unique solutions. 

Creativity - playing music is a wonderful way to express yourself. The way you approach and interpret your music is unique, only to you.

Thinking on the spot - Music requires you to repeatedly make split-second decisions. It forces you to think quickly on your toes.

Confidence - performing in front of others is an incredibly brave thing to do, whether it is an audience of one or a large group

Communication and collaboration - the ability to work as part of a team is vital, discussing ideas and supporting each other.


Vision.jpgOur intent for music:


At St. Mary's we believe Music is a universal way of communicating thoughts, ideas and emotions.  It also has a positive impact on the mental health and well-being of children. It is a fully inclusive subject which develops children’s listening skills, as well as their motor skills, creativity, teamwork, discipline, perseverance, confidence and self-esteem, as well as their musical knowledge.  Music is a huge part of a person’s identity and culture, which is why at St. Mary'swe are continually working to develop our curriculum and extend our provision. 



Strands.jpgThe strands of the Music curriculum:

  • Listening and appraising
  • Composing
  • Performing


To ensure consistency and clear progression in knowledge skills and the acquisition of vocabulary, the Charanga music programme is used right across school. This scheme follows guidance from the DfE Model Music Curriculum. Within this scheme, children are exposed to a wide variety of musical styles and composers, both modern, classical and from an array of different cultures. Children are given the opportunity to sing and perform as soloists or as part of a  large or small group.  They are also taught to play the glockenspiel. Performing and celebrating musical achievements is a vital aspect of this subject and something we strive to provide opportunities for.

We also work with the St. Helens Music Service, providing children in Year 2 with the opoprtunity to learn, from a specialist music teacher, to play the ukulele and children in Year 4 learn a brass instrument.


As part of our ongoing commitment to the teaching of both the visual and performing arts, the Infant school are currently working towards the bronze accreditation of Artsmark.

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