Online Safety

Parents should be aware of what their child is doing online and talk regularly with them about it.

Parents should enforce age limits

12 years old: TikTok.

13 years old: Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and YouTube. 

16 years old: WhatsApp.

Children should be online in shared areas such as the kitchen or living room, not alone in private places such as their bedroom.

Children need to be savvy. They should know how to report posts and people, how to unfollow and block people, how to delete and turn off comments.

Children need trusted adults to advise them.

Parental Controls.jpgClick here for help with internet settings at home.

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Online Safety Leads: Mr Beech (Infants) and Mrs Risley (Juniors). They have both completed CEOP Ambassador training with the National Crime Agency (NCA). 

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