Subject Leads: Mrs Tither (Infant School) and Mrs Whitfield (Junior School)


"When I read great literature, great drama or speeches I feel that the human mind has not achieved anything greater than the ability to share feelings and thoughts through language." James Earl Jones


The skills of a great student of English:
  • A strong command of spoken language underpins the development of vocabulary, grammar and the understand needed for effective reading and writing so confidence and competence in this aspect of English is key. 
  • The ability to be imaginative, listen carefully, think creatively and express themselves clearly through the conventions of discussion and debate refines ideas and understanding.  
  • Ease and fluency in reading are also essential for children are to gain enjoyment from reading widely and often, for pleasure or information.
  • A good writer has stamina and  a good understanding of purpose and audience and uses this knowledge to adapt their style, flair and language choices.  Proof-reading and editing are habitually used to evaluate the impact of each piece


Vision.jpgOur intent for English:

At St. Mary's we aim to foster an engaging and accessible for all curriculum that ensures all children have access to a rich, deep, varied and enjoyable English experience. We believe that a high quality English education is essential.  We aim for our children to hear quality and a variety of language which they can then use in their own vocabulary, to develop a love of reading, to be inspired by texts and use their knowledge to help develop their imaginations, to be able to read fluently and understand what they are reading and have good speaking and listening skills  


Our English Curriculum: 

At St. Mary's we have drawn upon a range of different sources to support in creating our English curriculum.  We are constantly reviewing and evaluating our learning journey to ensure we have an inspiring English curriculum which supports the aims and objectives of the National Curriculum.

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