At St. Mary's we offer a curriculum that both inspires and challenges our children. Whilst we recognise the value of academic success, we also recognise that it is our duty to nurture and develop the whole child, giving them the skills to succeed in the next steps of their education; from the Infant school to the Junior school and beyond.

We have developed our St. Mary's curriculum around the 5 Cs:

Coherence – we ensure that a logical progression of skills is evident across our curriculum, from EYFS to Year 6.

Compassion – our curriculum develops care and compassion in our children and equally demonstrates care and compassion to them in its application.

Creativity – there are plenty of opportunities for our children to apply their knowledge to unfamiliar contexts and demonstrate fluency. 

Credibility – our curriculum is accountable to knowledge and ensures that knowledge is secure.

Community – our curriculum develops our children's cultural capital and expertise, giving them opportunities to experience life beyond St. Mary's and become outstanding citizens in their communities.

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