5 Ways to Wellbeing


What are the Five Ways to Wellbeing?

The Five Ways to Wellbeing Framework was developed by the New Economics Foundation as a set of five evidence based actions that promote wellbeing. Based on the latest scientific evidence the simple actions, if taken regularly, can improve wellbeing and enhance quality of life.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are to:

  • Connect – connecting with others
  • Give – giving – looking outward as well as inward
  • Be active – doing something active
  • Take Notice – taking notice of the world around you
  • Keep Learning – learning new things Each action can be undertaken individually or collectively as part of everyday activity.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing may help young people:

  • Make the most of opportunities and deal with stressful situations by taking time out and learning how to cope when things get tough.
  • Increase their interpersonal skills, empathy and communication skills through giving and seeing themselves as part of the wider community.
  • Increase their chances of employability and self-worth by taking notice of what they are good at and what they have to offer others.

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