Subject Leads: Miss Murray (Infant School) and Mr Rowark (Junior School)


Vision.jpgOur intent for history:

At St Mary’s, through our teaching of History we aim to:

  • Develop children's experiences and understanding, inspiring and igniting their curiosity about the world in the past, helping them to understand the changes that have occurred over time.
  • Children will understand how the past has influenced the present when learning about the world, its cultures, Britain and our local community.   
  • Nurture children who can think for themselves, form opinions and become independent learners by encouraging them to act upon their own curiosities, seek further knowledge and gain additional information about topics that interest them. 


Strands.jpg The strands of the History curriculum

  • Chronological Understanding: in which pupils are taught to develop a chronological understanding of history and apply this throughout the wider curriculum. Children learn to use timelines and understand the importance of duration, as well as use a range of historical language to describe the past.
  • Interpretation knowledge and understanding of past events, people and changes in the past :  in which children are taught to explore and identify different ways the past are represented. They also learn to identify similarities and differenced between and across time periods. As  pupils get older they are encouraged to explore the reasons why some different versions of the past exist.
  • Historical Enquiry: in which pupils are taught to ask historically valid questions and constantly strive to find our about the past. Children learn how to identify historical sources and to understand why some historical sources are more reliable than others. 


For further information regarding our History curriculum at the Infants, please contact Miss Ormshaw (Subject Lead) or Mrs Grange (Head of School) via the Infant School Office.

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