SEND (Special Education Needs & Disabilities)


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At The Federation of St. Mary's, we strive to support all children to enable them to achieve at school. 

Our school values of respect, resilience and compassion underpin all of our curriculum. We aim to ensure that our curriculum is accessible to all children, including those with SEND.

In order to ensure all children achieve,  many steps are taken to support them through their learning journey. Quality teaching is vital; however for some children there are occasions when further positive support may be needed to help them to achieve their targets.

Some pupils may require a short term intervention in one or more identified areas. Others may have a long term difficulty or more complex needs that require on-going additional support. Some needs may have already been identified before a pupil attends the school, however for some pupils their SEN may become apparent later on as they move through the school.

Below you will find our whole school provision outline. This will give you some information about how we cater for the range of needs within our school. This will always start with quality first teaching delivered by the class teacher. Individual and small group support and adaptations to provision, resources, curriculum and timetables are implemented in order to enable every child to achieve their full potential.

Below will find our SEND Information Report and our Accessibility Plan. You can find the St Helens Local Authority offer here.

If you require any further information about our SEND provision here at St. Mary's, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Follin on the contact number above to make an appointment.


What is ‘The Local Offer?’

The local offer was first introduced in the green paper (March 2011) as a local offer of all services available to support disabled children and children with SEND and their families. This easy to understand information will set out what is normally available in schools to help children with lower level SEND as well as the options available to support families who need additional help to care for their child. You can find the St Helens Local Authority offer here.


What will the Local Offer do?

St. Helens framework will allow the local offer to provide parents/ carers with the information about how to access services in their local area, and what they can expect from those services. With regard to education, it will let parents/ carers of young people know how schools and colleges will support them and what they can expect across the local setting. 


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