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We hope that each child feels safe and secure with us, and is then able to learn and develop the skills that we encourage. Topics taught in Nursery are child-initiated and very flexible. They are implemented and adapted to match the interests and abilities of the children. 



Nursery Outside.jpgWhat Children Do in Nursery
Children take part in a wide range of activities, both indoors and outdoors.  They learn through activities that they have chosen, and also from those that are led by an adult. 

Children in both Nursery and Reception learn through play-based activities that are fun and enjoyable.  Activities are individually supported by adults so that each child progresses at their rate and in their way. We keep careful progress records for each child which are linked to the Development Matters in the Foundation Stage Guidance.  Parents are actively encouraged to contribute to their child's learning journals.

Nursery view.jpgParental involvement
We encourage parents to be involved with our curriculum and ask that they share in their child’s Learning Journey. We encourage daily interaction between parents and a child’s key person so that the child can move between home and school more comfortably. Good home-school links contribute to a more contented child who makes better progress. We hold termly parents evenings and stay-and-play sessions.


Nursery Outside.jpgWe ask parents and carers to contribute to our children's learning journeys by sharing home learning via Seesaw. We love sharing and discussing significant home events and achievements during circle time and use home learning photographs to support these sessions. 



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