RWI.jpgAt St. Mary's we follow the Read, Write Inc. (RWI) phonics programme in the teaching of early reading. 

Read Write Inc. Phonics is a DfE-validated systematic synthetic phonics programme with a wholeschool approach to teaching early reading and writing, designed to ensure progress for every child, in every primary school. Children learn to read sounds and blend them into words. They apply this phonic knowledge to read and comprehend Storybooks that are carefully matched to the sounds they know. Children learn to read these books with a storyteller’s voice.

The aim of Read Write Inc. Phonics is for children to learn to read early. By the end of term 2 in Year 2 children are able to read stories at over 100 words per minute.
They also learn how to form letters using mnemonics to help them. They learn to spell correctly using their Fred fingers. And they learn to compose their own writing - drawing upon ideas from the story they’ve just read. Everything knits together.

While your children are learning to read, they work in progress groups to master each level of phonics and reading. They are assessed and re-groups children every half-term. Children work in these progress group each day, learning at their ‘challenge’ level.

Partner work is critical in helping children to progress. They practise everything we teach them and answer every question with a partner. This keeps children working and thinking throughout the lesson – and gives us a chance to check whether we’ve explained things clearly. Everyone uses the same management signals - whether you're the headteacher, teacher or teaching assistant. Once these signals are automatic, children and teachers can focus on what matters most - learning to read.

In KS2, we continue to use Read, Write Inc to support children's individual needs. All staff in Y3 and Y4 have expertise in the delivery of phonics and phonics lessons are timetabled in Year 3 and 4.

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